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Discover the transformative power of Pamela's voice acting work through the testimonials of satisfied listeners and publishers.

Reviews From Listeners

"Pamela Almand, the narrator, provides an excellent performance. Almand moves the story along with the right amount of emotion and enthusiasm. Her cadence is smooth and easy to listen to. I found Almand gave each character the right tone which reflected the personality of each character. Almand immersed not only herself into the story but she brought the listener in as well."

-Audiobook Reviewer 1/1/21 

Raves for ICE: Book 1 of The ICE Trilogy by Kevin Tinto

“Pamela Almand brings this book to life!...To be honest, I "read" the book because I LOVE the narration by Pamela Almand! I have a 2 1/2 hour commute everyday in bumper to bumper traffic! You can imagine what my stress level must be like. My DIL suggested Audible, and Audible has been a game changer for me! It has turned the 2 hours I am in the car to "me time" where I can get lost in a book, and let the rest of the world go by. When I find a book narrated by Pamela...I am all in! She makes any story come alive! Go check her out, you won't be sorry!!”

-Nancy Cahn, Audible reviewer

Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

“Chuckle-worthy listenI don't usually read chick-lit, but this was funny and I got into it just out of curiosity when my wife kept chuckling while she listened. The characters in it were REALLY characters and it might prepare me for my own daughter's wedding- NOT! I could hear a lot of my relatives in the voices of a lot of the characters. Writer was funny, reader kept all the voices distinctive and kept it moving. Top-notch talent all around made a funny beach read out of this even for a dude.”

-Listener, Audible review

Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

“Pamela Almand performs the audio edition of this book, playing the part of Marcy with tongue in cheek and a glorious sense of irony. Her characterizations of the individuals in the novel lead to their sense of being real people despite their crazy antics. With strong expression, Almand gives the book a pleasurable listening experience.”

-Victoria Mejia-Gewe, Audible reviewer

Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

“…Narration is stellar. Literally LOL. Not a dull moment. I could picture these characters being people I know.”

-Cynthia G., Audible reviewer 

Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

“Really interesting take on love and intimacy

This was an interesting book and very heartfelt concerns. It brought me into the bittersweet time of aging and made me realize that love changes as we grow older. The narration was soft and warm and emmotional and just drew me into the angst and fears and joys of the author's research into what to expect as she and her husband aged.”

-Listener, Audible review

Late-Life Love, by Susan Gubar

“…The narration was excellent. Pamela Almand made short work of the maze of government's convoluted program titles.”

-J. Smith, Audible reviewer

Open Borders, Inc, by Michelle Malkin

“…The narrator did a marvellous job, making each characters voice very distinctive. Considering the large cast of characters”

-Book Addict, UK Audible review

Borderline, by Joseph Badal

“Awesome Listen!!  I was pulled into Borderline by Joseph Badal. Police Procedurals have always appealed to me, and I especially liked the 2 strong female detectives. This book has so many suspects. I liked how my opinions of the suspects changed. The narration by Pamela Almand was flawless. She performed distinguishable voices for the various characters”

-Jan M., Audible reviewer

Borderline, by Joseph Badal

“Please let there be more Susan & Barbara murder mysteries! 5/5 stars.
The Narration: Pamela Almand was a great fit for this book. She had a slight accent for Barbara (as described in the story) and a clear, bright voice for Susan. Her Spanish was good and I feel that she captured the mild northern New Mexico accent quite well. All of her characters had distinct voices and her male voices were believable. There’s some real feelings in this story, especially for Barbara, and Almand was great at bringing these out in the narration. 5/5 stars.”

-DaboDarkness, Audible reviewer

Borderline, by Joseph Badal

“There aren't a whole lot of female narrators that I really like, but I really loved this narration, and would definitely check out more books narrated by Pamela Almand. Her voice is a bit lower than most female narrators, which I think really helps her to give a good voice to both male and female characters. She really gives the characters a lot of personality and is connected with text. I think she could be my new favorite female narrator. “

-Leslie F., Audible reviewer

Borderline, by Joseph Badal

“ Pamela Almand makes a great Candace McCoy. She’s got the tough cop swagger that goes well with righteous confidence. Her male voices are believable. Almand has distinct voices for all characters and there were no technical issues with this recording. 5/5 stars.”

-DaboDarkness, Audible reviewer

Peak Season, by Jeff Widmer

"Her voice is pitch perfect for the narration as she channels Nancy Palmer Christy, a former Cosmopolitan model and beauty. Her voices for each of the other characters (as expressed by and through Nancy) is incomparable, if not astounding."

-JH, Audible Reviewer 

An Affair With Beauty: The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy, by James Phillip Head

"I love the voice of Pamela Almand, simple as that. Dulcet tones, that is, sweet, soothing and low, she could read aloud the label of a sauce bottle and I would listen, it is entrancing. Need I say more? Well yes I do, I have to say how well she characterises both male and female, the listener never doubts who is holding forth. Pamela never intrudes upon the story, there is nothing required of the listener other than to enjoy the work of the author, exactly as it should be. I sincerely hope the author never, ever considers another narrator for this series."

-Audiothing, Audible Reviewer

Brownies & Betrayal, by Heather Justesen

Publisher and Industry Reviews

"As compelling as the story is, it’s made even better by the absolutely fantastic performance delivered by former aviation captain and multiple award-winning voiceover artist Pamela Almand. She brings all the characters to life using a large range of voices and accents, she reads beautifully, she acts with talent and she even goes the extra mile doing her best to offer accurate reproductions of some native American dialects. That’s what separates the great narrators from the good ones."

-Victor Dima,The Audiobook Blog

"You must know what a HUGE FAN I am of you as a talent and as a person.  You are absolutely one of the best female Audiobook narrators of all time.  Please have faith in yourself and continue to be bold and push the boulder uphill.  Time will prove what I already know about you.  You'll see!"

-Deb Deyan, President, Deyan Audio

"Narrator Pamela Almand's audible composure works well with the thoughtful writing of this seasoned author and professor."

-AudioFile magazine

“...Voiceover artist and narrator, the talented and award-winning Pamela Almand, performs this fascinating crime novel in her signature voice, bringing all the events and the characters to life with style and passion. Although this is an older recording, Pam's dedication to the project is clear from the beginning.

Dark secrets, sexual predators, twists and turns that you will not see coming, plus 2 strong female leads make Borderline extremely entertaining.

I'm looking forward to the next installments in the Lassiter and Martinez series by Joseph Badal, especially since Pamela Almand is the recurring narrator.”

-Victor Dima,The Audiobook Blog

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