Multiple Award-Winning SAG/AFTRA Narrator

Audible-Approved Producer

Multiple Voice Arts Award WINNERS! 

(Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Audie Award Nominee


Earphones Award Winner

(Fiction, Humor)

Independent Audiobook Awards Nominee 


  • Cop/Dialogue
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  • Peak Season
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  • Humor/EARPHONES Award
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  • Husbands and Other Sharp Objects
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  • MaleChild AUDIE Nom
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  • Come To Me Alive
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  • Finance/VOICEARTS Nom!
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  • Truth About Passive Income
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  • In Movement There Is Peace
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  • Memoir/Madeleine L'Engle
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  • A Circle of Quiet
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ICE:Genesis, ICE Trilogy Book 2
ICE Trilogy, Book 1
Nothing Bad Between Us
Blackstone Audio
Blackstone Audio
False Premise False Promise
Blackstone Audio
Expert Witness
2020 Voice Arts Awards Nominee for Mystery
Blackstone Audio
Natural Causes
2020 Independent Audiobook Awards AND International Book Awards Finalist!
Irreversible Damage
Blackstone Audio
Us Against Azlheimer's
Blackstone Audio
Grace Canceled
Blackstone Audio
Dark Angel, Lassiter/Martinez Book 2
Blackstone Audio
Unsolved Child Murders
Blackstone Audio
Miracle on 10th Street
Brilliance Audio
Conversations with Buddha
Vibrance Press
The Medical Marijuana Guide
Vibrance Press
The Subversive Copy Editor
Vibrance Press
Michelle Malkin's Open Borders,Inc
Blackstone Audio
Becoming A Curator
Simon & Schuster
An Affair With Beauty:Book 2
Husbands and Other Sharp Objects
2018 Voice Arts Awards Nominee
Brilliance Audio
The Myth of Capitalism
Gildan Media/Tantor
2017 Voice Arts Awards Nominee/Non-Fiction
Discovering the Healthy Self
Deyan Audio for Julian Day
Borderline AB Cover_edited_edited
Psychological thriller/detective
Love and Sex
Two Words Publishing
Rock That Is Higher
Brilliance Audio
In Dire Straits
Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engl
Brilliance Audio
Late-Life Love
2018 Voice Arts Awards Nominee
Audible Productions
Come To Me Alive
2016 Audie Award Nominee/Fiction
An Affair With Beauty
The Irrational Season
Brilliance Audio
In Movement There Is Peace
2016 Voice Arts Award Winner/Non-Fiction Memoir
Campaigning For Clean Air
2018 Voice Arts Awards Nominee
Author's Republic
Penguins and Golden Calves
Brilliance Audio
Murder On Edisto
Cop thriller
Power to Heal
Christian Audio
What's In A Name?
Mystery, Intrigue, and Romance
The Feminist Financial Handbook
Blackstone Publishing
The Keystone Approach
Audiobook Creative Exchange
Peak Season
Fiction/female detective
A Stone For A Pillow
Brilliance Audio
Two Part Invention
Brilliance Audio
A Circle of Quiet
Brilliance Audio
The Truth About Passive Income
2018 Voice Arts Awards Nominee
Audio Books Worldwide
Ruined: A Memoir
Two Words Publishing
Healing the Heart
Christian Audio
Oasis Audio
Sold Into Egypt
Brilliance Audio
Summer of the Great Grandmother
2018 Voice Arts Awards Nominee
Brilliance Audio
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About The Captain

As a former 747 pilot for Northwest Airlines, Capt. Pamela Almand's smooth, low-pitched voice from the flight deck calmed and reassured her passengers and crew.

Now, with over a decade of professional award-winning SAG/AFTRA voice acting experience including Audie Awards, Voice Arts Awards, and Earphones Awards and Nominations, her voice has not only enthusiastic professionalism and authority in non-fiction titles, but also conversational and compelling story-telling warmth and depth for multiple accents, genders and ages in fiction titles. 

Medical, business, and technical non-fiction titles come naturally, the result not only of growing up the daughter of a Colorado cattle rancher and moving into a highly-technical aviation career, but also aided by naturally clear diction and a neutral English, easy-to-understand style.

Pamela is continuously honing her skills with coaching from Scott Brick, Paul Ruben, Carol Monda, Johnny Heller, Patrick Fraley, PJ Ochlan and others and is an Audible Approved Producer.

Pam works from her professional recording studio for clients all over the world, including Tantor, Audible, Blackstone Publishing, Brilliance Audio, Oasis Publishing, World Wide AudioBooks, Two Words Publishing, Suspense Publishing, Author's Republic and ACX.

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