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Pamela Almand

Multiple Award-Winning SAG/AFTRA Narrator Audible-Approved Producer

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Pamela Almand, an illustrious voice in the realm of narration, boasts an impressive collection of accolades: a celebrated 2023 Voice Arts Award Winner and Nominee, esteemed by AudioBook Reviewers as a Top Narrator. With multiple Voice Arts Awards to her name in both Fiction and Non-Fiction, her talent is unmistakable. An Audie Award Nominee in Fiction and recipient of the Earphones Award for her exceptional work in Fiction and Humor, Pamela's narrative skill spans a diverse range of genres. Further recognized as an Independent Audiobook Awards Nominee for Fiction/Mystery/Thriller, her voice sets the standard for excellence in solo narration.

Meet Pamela Almand

A voice that reassured passengers at 35,000 feet now brings stories to life, educates, and promotes brands with a blend of warmth, authority, and versatility. From technical narrations to enchanting audiobooks, Pamela's voice is your guide to engaging and impactful audio content.

Some of Pamela's favorite projects

Peak Season Retail Excerpt
00:00 / 04:56
Navaho Dialogue
00:00 / 01:47
A Circle of Quiet
00:00 / 02:52
Pamela Almand_Murder On Edisto Excerpt
00:00 / 04:45
Excerpt From Come To Me Alive.mp3
00:00 / 05:00
Bright Evening Star
00:00 / 04:52

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Pamela Almand, an illustrious voice in the realm of narration, boasts an impressive collection of accolades

Audie Awards/Finalists
3 Voice Arts Awards

Pandora's Gamble, by Alison Young

The Medical Marijuana Guide, by Dr. Patricia Frye

In Movement There is Peace, by Elaine Foster

Audiobook Reviewers' Choice Awards

ICE Trilogy, by Kevin Tinto

Best Narrators of 2021

Team Award for Best Author/Narrator Collaboration

Reviews by listeners and publishers

Praise from Debra Deyan, Deyan Audio

"You must know what a HUGE FAN I am of you as a talent and as a person.  You are absolutely one of the best female Audiobook narrators of all time.  Please have faith in yourself and continue to be bold and push the boulder uphill.  Time will prove what I already know about you.  You'll see!"

-Deb Deyan, President, Deyan Audio

Raves for ICE: Book 1 of The ICE Trilogy by Kevin Tinto

"As compelling as the story is, it’s made even better by the absolutely fantastic performance delivered Pamela Almand. She brings all the characters to life using a large range of voices and accents, she reads beautifully, she acts with talent and she even goes the extra mile doing her best to offer accurate reproductions of some native American dialects. That’s what separates the great narrators from the good ones."

-Victor Dima,The Audiobook Blog

Raves for ICE: Book 1 of The ICE Trilogy by Kevin Tinto

"Pamela Almand, the narrator, provides an excellent performance. Almand moves the story along with the right amount of emotion and enthusiasm. Her cadence is smooth and easy to listen to. I found Almand gave each character the right tone which reflected the personality of each character. Almand immersed not only herself into the story but she brought the listener in as well."

-Audiobook Reviewer 1/1/21 

Borderline, by Joseph Badal

“Awesome Listen!!  I was pulled into Borderline by Joseph Badal. Police Procedurals have always appealed to me, and I especially liked the 2 strong female detectives. This book has so many suspects. I liked how my opinions of the suspects changed. The narration by Pamela Almand was flawless. She performed distinguishable voices for the various characters”

-Jan M., Audible reviewer


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