Raves for ICE: Book 1 of The ICE Trilogy by Kevin Tinto:


"As compelling as the story is, it’s made even better by the absolutely fantastic performance delivered by former aviation captain and multiple award-winning voiceover artist Pamela Almand. She brings all the characters to life using a large range of voices and accents, she reads beautifully, she acts with talent and she even goes the extra mile doing her best to offer accurate reproductions of some native American dialects. That’s what separates the great narrators from the good ones."

-Victor Dima,The Audiobook Blog

"Pamela Almand, the narrator, provides an excellent performance. Almand moves the story along with the right amount of emotion and enthusiasm. Her cadence is smooth and easy to listen to. I found Almand gave each character the right tone which reflected the personality of each character. Almand immersed not only herself into the story but she brought the listener in as well."

-Audiobook Reviewer 1/1/21 

And more:

"You must know what a HUGE FAN I am of you as a talent and as a person.  You are absolutely one of the best female Audiobook narrators of all time.  Please have faith in yourself and continue to be bold and push the boulder uphill.  Time will prove what I already know about you.  You'll see!"

-Deb Deyan, President, Deyan Audio


​"Her voice is pitch perfect for the narration as she channels Nancy Palmer Christy, a former Cosmopolitan model and beauty. Her voices for each of the other characters (as expressed by and through Nancy) is incomparable, if not astounding."

-JH, Audible Review for An Affair With Beauty: The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy


"I love the voice of Pamela Almand, simple as that. Dulcet tones, that is, sweet, soothing and low, she could read aloud the label of a sauce bottle and I would listen, it is entrancing. Need I say more? Well yes I do, I have to say how well she characterises both male and female, the listener never doubts who is holding forth. Pamela never intrudes upon the story, there is nothing required of the listener other than to enjoy the work of the author, exactly as it should be. I sincerely hope the author never, ever considers another narrator for this series."

Audiothing, Audible Review for Brownies & Betrayal

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